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9500 alliance is a group of companies providing a holistic approach to cyber intelligence and security,

covering all operational needs.

With dedicated teams, specializing in different aspects of the cybernetic world,

9500 provides:

cyber security and cyber security related intelligence, physical security and physical security related intelligence, brand protection, cyber-influence (cyfluence) security, training courses, BOT projects and more.


Open Source Intelligence:
Intercept9500 uniqueness is using multiple cutting edge Open source systems and technologies, combined with exceptional human skill and experience, tailored to the client's specific needs. In the governmental market our best seller is the cyber-influence (cyfluence) defense center, where we help to build and run state-level capacity to identify and mitigate hostile cyfluence campaigns and recover from the damage.

Brand Protection: 
An online threat hunting company specialized in monitoring, detection and removal of online threats such as phishing attempts, executive impersonation, counterfeit products, trademark infringements and more.
BrandShield  operates across multiple Internet platforms: websites, social media, marketplaces, PPC ads and mobile apps.
BrandShield’s technology prioritizes the detected threats enabling focus on the most damaging violations and the biggest abuse networks.

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Security Intelligence:
MAX Security provides comprehensive security and risk management solutions for the private and corporate sectors.
With over 25 successful years in the security sector, MAX provides some of the world's leading organizations with the tools to enable them to carry out business in some of the most challenging and fragile of environments.

Governmental Projects: 
R-Variations is a project management company, specializes in building and running state level, military grade Cyber Influence Defense Centers and WebInt solutions.

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Cyber Security:
A boutique company engaged in providing multi-dimensional holistic solutions tailored to customer needs. Cstrategy's team of leading experts is assembled from veterans of elite IDF & ISA operational and technical units.

Among the special services offered by the experts are:
Multidimensional Red Teams- A full-scope, multi-layered attack simulation designed to measure how well a company’s defense can withstand an attack in order to improve its effectiveness,

analyzing the custumer's current cyber status and help him formulate a tailor-made course of action to meet the challenge.

ANALYTICS GAMES - A highly effective set of methodologies. 


Digital Impact on Discourse

Successful authentic engagement starts with truly understanding the audience. Persona Digital’s unique approach brings together best practices from the worlds of OSINT (open source intelligence), operational art and agile planning. Persona Digital deploys the best social listening and monitoring technology, together with carefully selected social media engagement tools, ensuring the engagement of the clients’ audiences in the most effective and natural means.

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