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In today’s world, companies and international corporations are under multiple risks, including physical risks, cyber risks and reputational risks. Each risk needs its own solution with

its specific expertise.


In recent years these risks converged in different ways and combinations (physical and cyber, cyber and reputational etc.) imposing multidimensional risks.


Although these converged risks call for multi-dimensional solutions (in ever-changing combinations), still most companies have only parts of the solution, thus they need complementary services.


The 9500 alliance is our answer to these challenging needs. While each company in the alliance is an expert in its field (cyber security, brand protection, web intelligence, influence defense, physical security and more) they all know how to join efforts in different combinations to provide tailor-made solutions that integrate with the clients’ existing capabilities to provide holistic solutions.

For the client it is a one stop shop with a single point of contact, but with the added value of agile, adaptive, and leading in their fields’ teams.


Each service can be provided as a stand-alone service or can be combined with other services, to fully answer all clients’ needs.

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